Skills focus for 2025

Apr 1, 2023



As a spatial innovator, I support the journey of the internet from your desk, to your pocket, to the world around you. I work tirelessly to create an immersive and intuitive experience for users everywhere. My goal is to make technology disappear so that users can focus on what's important: achieving their goals. With my team of engineers, we are making the internet more accessible than ever before.

I am constantly exploring new ways to push the boundaries of my field, and I never fail to inspire others with my creativity and ingenuity.

With work driven by a need to create an immersive positive experience, I use this knowledge to create beautiful and functional spaces, as a spatial designer I strives to envelop the audience in whatever story they’re impassioned by. 

To achieve this, here are the skills I am actively working on for 2025:

1. Analytical thinking and innovation

2. Active learning and learning strategies

3. Complex problem-solving

4. Critical thinking and analysis

5. Creativity, originality and initiative

6. Leadership and social influence

7. Technology use, monitoring and control

8. Technology design and programming

9. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility

10. Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

11. Emotional intelligence

12. Troubleshooting and user experience

13. Service orientation

14. Systems analysis and evaluation

15. Persuasion and negotiation