Ambient Assisted Living

Apr 1, 23

Ambient Assisted Living : The future of Health

This article could easily be called the future of health tech As we were really exploring is the merging of healthcare and technology and how it’s applied not in a general practitioner sense but in a very specific sense words assisting the individual on the personal level to lead best life.

And this article works for three concepts emergence of the ambient ai health coach , proactive and persistent medication reminders, and the further integration of specializations into more traditional telehealth applications.

Ambient ai health coach,

What are the main limitations in any AI agent or white is simply domination of the information and it has a dealer. In most cases you’re interacting with his agent either through a laptop or desktop or on mobile phone. What does agent has access to us traditionally only the information and give it. Animals never has access to a detailed medical history IOT help access or data or input or information from other health agents or health specialist. But this is going to change.

What is a virgin and the general discussion is the awareness that the power of an AI is the fight stems what is ability to augment multiple data sources and then rich combination of these different data elements into work visa health in their dub were generating specific and personal health plans is the outcome. The company that will win this will bring a trusted brand through a product generating great results, personal results.

Practice and persistent medication reminders,

I’ve been very personal connection to this particular challenge where family members are the deeply affected by the lack of standard and stable medication delivery and all my self may I have two days I experimented with automation in hospitals due developing remind or intelligence Stephen building smart pill bottles and reminder systems for service all these and old age homes. And yet with all this experience I don’t know the answer to the true passion of what’s gonna get you take your medication.

The company that will succeed it’s going to emerge in bridge a huge number of potential combinations of waste dragon interface into an overall strategy reminder. Verification and validation of medication delivery is a huge issue as going back as far as 15 years I was working with remote medication providers on how to verify that they’re at home and at risk clients were indeed taking the medication and they were supposed to. Video verifications heart pill bottle caps doesn’t verified don’t get swollen and yet for most patients with they typically need is a physiological stimulus a bright light a moment reminder a friendly voice iMessage from a loved one

Integration of these techniques into a standard stable central air management system is the linking directly to the general practitioner and the specialist who are part of the personal care journey will all elevate the likelihood of medication and clearance and the verification and validation I’ll be worth it beyond normal purchase like unification or collecting points I believe the true winners are going to be social reinforcement companies you can bring social reinforcement and move away from a single reliance on phone interface where IOT devices convene light or perhaps sound or even a recorded voice of a loved one are going to win.

Integration of specializations into telehealth,

In all the projects companies and technology platforms are developed in the help pack I noticed that one of the things that is often the second third or even tertiary I thought is how to connect the entirety of the medical community into this personalized patient care. The reality is the most telehealth companies look to provide a deep and sometimes detailed connection between a primary physician and the patient. Unlikely is a direct connection between that and a specialist although in recent years that has been emerging or we get a one to 1 oh1s many connection between the patient and the care providers.

The company that wins is the company that not only emerges the availability of primary care information through an actual human doctor and then going beyond to connect to specialized doctors but can use technology to merge the availability of ambient AI bought an interface asking quick and detailed questions and providing initial assessments even what I believe the future will hold is a kaleidoscope of the rated agents able to answer 24 seven either primary general or basic questions on the nature of specific specialized incident for example overseen the emergence of melanomas being able to be first the scan or first screen analyzed or nothing more than a photo using a I am deeper in person learning and yet what I really want to know is a More detailed initial understanding of a specific condition whether it be dietary or posture or perhaps describing a set of iron symptoms I believe the future will hold more detailed and deep specific knowledge managed by AI agents that are acting as a first line caregiver where as the human specialist will be second line likely first initiated through a telehealth conference and then if needed, in person. 

How Machines Understand Humans: 

Why Personalization Matters with Ambient Assisted Living in the metaverse

It’s hard to believe that the internet was only created in 1989. In just a few short decades, it has transformed the way we live our lives and interact with the world around us. But as we move into the future, it is becoming clear that the internet is no longer enough. We need a new way to interact with the world, and that is where the spatial web comes in.

The Spatial Web will change the way we interact with the world around us, and it has the potential to revolutionize industries such as healthcare, education, and entertainment.

This new type of web will allow us to interact with information in a more natural way, using our hands and body instead of a mouse and keyboard.

2> meta care.

I think everyone with a rational mind understands that a machine is inherently better at some tasks. Look at the first machines able to input store compute and output far more reliably than a human. Had lunch? Feeling drowsy, a machine doesn’t suffer from the human condition and as such offers a unique companion along with the human experience.

There is where the magic comes in; personal attention to MY needs; not just a mid-30’s male with a specific echo-graphic background and current likes, but me. I’ve worked long and hard to understand how machines understand the human condition, and to say is simply humans are hard to understand. What we wanted 10 minutes ago is potentially irrelevant to what we want now; combinations of objects and places will yield totally different needs and want; and of course, there is our human need to be irrational and unpredictable; ie fun.

IT’s within these difficult-for-machine to understand human conditions that the magic really occurs. When a machine is better at predicting your needs; it will be better at prescribing solutions to match those needs

The 3D Internet for HealthTech

In the future, we will see a shift from traditional 2D web pages to what is known as the Spatial Web.

When we think about the future, we often imagine a world where technology has taken over. We can control almost everything with the touch of a button, and life is easier than ever before. But what about the future of reality? What will it look like? In this blog post, we will explore the concept of the “spatial web” and discuss how it will change the way we experience life. Stay tuned for more information!

How AI will come into its own 

So for the past year I’ve been observing the natural state of progression inside AI. Interesting to watch as an active observer the evolution of group think expressed in endless blog and articles that point the way to in trending boards and “whats hot” list .

Great to see that ideas from the early days of artificial intelligence are really starting to show up in the pitch decks and one-line description of the lastest round s of AI startups.

Wow, your algorithm stack can crunch more effectively data streams — but why do we care?

The truth is 3D Internet is still in its infancy, something I’ve learned painful ly per the past decade s the next technology to ‘democratize’ IOT come, and inevitably fails to win on mass-market adopters. I think can look with optimism to the inceptors happening now; that IOT is really being uptaken. The same is likely to happen with AI. There is no AI store. There is no standards in AI, and for the most part; most people have no idea what AI s, or what it is made of.

Until AI is understandable; somewhat tangible and built to improve my life, I don’t

1> Why IoT needs an AI Brain, and why we all need digital personalities.

Now it starts.

Weʼve reached a point in the technical development of suporting technologies to

To you Interactions, decisions, choice & change are a common part of the daily game of life.
 To a computer; probability, permissions, routes values and calculated numbers are the language to describe this.

In this scenario, Imagine a computer capable of a complex language the could express choice?

Or even express nuance, or emotional effect/affect, what if it understood human words like ‘feel, love, mood, desire, wantʼ

what if a machines acted like machines did the in the 80ʼs?

That would suck.

Which is why a brain without these attributes is not reaching its full potential. Ambient intelligence is the personality to intelligence places, objects, people, groups and more.

We are only beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with ambient intelligence. As we continue to develop this technology, we will be able to create ever-more personalized and human-centered experiences. This is an exciting time for the field of ambient intelligence, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What do you think the future of ambient intelligence holds? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!