Applied Ai

Apr 1, 2023

Applied Ai : a vision of the near future of Ai Utility

I believe there are two visible strategies for the fourth

Everyone has an external view of themselves, and we strive to merge this into an AI Agent, or an "Ai" and build a system that commercial produces high-quality, process driven, updateable and extremely deep, Expert Ai models. We look for information and data that is not on the internet and thus outside the knowledge Base of Chat GPT, or other Large Language Models. What we are looking at is Expert Language Models, and how to apply them to vertical businesses and specific value propositions within existing business models. My research needs to continue the deep dive into interface and interactions and extension to this concepts will be to add to, and manage content production quality, all as part of our studio services. 

This method of product engineering, a process driven continue improvement, version controlled and platform architected approach allows for our team to supervise the iteration of Machine Learning & model generation, and mix the blending, attribution, enrichment, and enhancements all within a UI environment build to support ongoing module, and service additions. By engineering a platform approach to feature and function development, I control software availability through versions, and as needed release updates, add functionality, or develop entire new AI, spatial, and ambient value to our customers, and to theirs. 

My approach to start with medium size corpus data sets, so people with a large, but not very large, data set.

We prefer mixed media, and personal interviews. I aim to round-out all Expert AI engineering with Avatar development and deep-work on the personalisation of each AI-Agent.

This is a personal representation of a individuals knowledge, and where possible we work deeply and intensely with the human to best engineer this personal tool and interface. 

As a individual, I strive to gain SCO and humanise the core of all Ai: DATA. We build Expert Ai Machine Learning models to support broad applications of off-internet data. This starts as a service, to individual luminaires, experts, HNWI, support teams, family members and more.