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Apr 8, 2023

I am confident technical leader that can help your company immensely by providing expert guidance, vision, direction, and representation.

Product Design

Product Innovation

Innovation Strategy

World Leading Physical Internet Pioneer 

A Pioneer in AI-Driven Physical Internet | award winning product designer | IOT | AI | Big Data | Blockchain(s) |

Proven experience as CEO, CTO, Innovation Program Manager;

Familiarity with diverse business functions such as marketing, PR, finance, logistics, Product Development, Go To Market;

An entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills;

Analytical abilities and problem-solving skills;

Excellent communication and public speaking skills;


philosophy and vision

With a start design IOT system for the iSS, and building a physical Internet, able to support 3D navigation, I built successive innovations across the technology stack towards a complete view of IOT. 

I strongly believe that by helping people interact intuitively intelligent environments, we increase efficiency and enjoyment while reducing worries significantly.

My vision for the long-term outlook of physical internet is the bonds between people to other people, places and objects must strengthen and become more relevant. I build experiences; the value of the moment captured in responsive, interactive environments that enhance our shared experience of the physical world. 


I’m an award winning product designer, researcher & innovator 

focusing on IOT | AI | Big Data | Blockchain combinations. Product and Project Management foundation with experience team lead roles building and deploying innovation focus technologies and services.  I have helped clients with hundreds of product projects achieve successful launch.

Design + Architecture: AI, IOT, Blockchain, Data

I focus on Product Design technology and that enable connections and communication. Specialized in creating engaging designs, strategy, technical & Business models in the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and (Lean) Data. 

Focus Areas

- Applied AI - Intelligent Environment - Ai IOT - 


Applied AI

To understand the potential of the AI industry, we have to develop a story about use. - where and how will a benefit be created for the user, weather a company or individual. Let me help create understanding from this basis; the physical world around us is quickly progressing to being always connected to the internet, creating compelling products can best be done by looking at the 2 billion ‘things’ will be connected to the internet in 2020, and creating more compelling user case benefit story. By driving the basis of feature and functions of AI, the buyers concept of ‘things’ change, which means; there is a huge potential to extract value from this large number of ‘things’ that will be connected, let me help find your value. 

Intelligent Environment

To create intelligent environments around you, that react and interact, you need to create a seamless link from the physical to digital worlds. This is where i come in: from system designs & architecture built on AI-IOT physical technology layer, you must create an indexed, articulated relationship and interaction engine to drive user experience. In electronic environment objects have an internet identity and generate actionable data - all of which brings up privacy usability function and feature issues: let me guide this process. If your goals is system of intelligent nodes, gateways, linked to cloud and software, or features that provide automatic decision support, prescription and prediction, then i can help.

Ai + IOT Product Design

From design of micro computers to there case & power combos, that’s can be embedded into any interaction between people places and objects, the data generated is high quality, relative and sensor heavy; all of which enables ai driven physical internet. Verified identity through blockchain, and profile driven interactions based on machine learning preference. I have explored extensive use cases, and offer experienced and complete feature and function stacks, explained by great storytelling and brand development. 


Typical Industry & Customers 

Typical projects are started by innovative companies and people looking to combine design & technologies; from Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Block chain. Typical companies are innovation focused corporates, fast-paced & disruptive businesses, and startup & funded SME's with a desire to benefit from an experienced perspective on how to create winning products and services - let me be that perspective.

throughout the company, and specifically in external meeting and promotion, the boardroom, in strategy and investment, and throughout the operations of the company.

I am a builder, I can help you manage through innovation to your next step of company growth, or find the magic through understanding what other successful companies are doing, and distill this insight.

I have expertise in the complex side of growth, and in taking legacy businesses though to success; this includes product introduction, team development, external stakeholders, investment diligence, security, compliance, and multi-country regulatory laws.

Get in touch: hello@adrianblackwood.com