The age of designing smart environments

Apr 1, 2023

The age of designing smart environments

When it comes to spaces, places, buildings, and cities: we’re a long way past the days of caves and log cabins - modern buildings are incredibly sophisticated. In fact, the newest structures have technological capabilities that few could even dream about until recently. We’re in the age of smart buildings.

Every new generation of buildings adds new technology, doors, central heating, and elevators were all at one time technological revolutions. But now that we’re deep into the digital age, the technological advancements are in many ways more profound, but in others, quite subtle. the biggest innovation is in the connectedness.

It is much easier now to capture and share data and when this data can influence other processes in the places we live and work, this has incredible results. Smart buildings can create responsive lighting, temperature control that is both reactive and efficient, plus air quality, sanitation, and many more aspects. All come at lower cost and greater sustainability, when viewed throughout the buildings life cycle.

And this technology is becoming more prevalent, and being used more often. To make these advancements possible, more powerful technology and greater use of available information is required. And that’s what smart buildings are all about. Smart buildings take advantage of information technology to connect various systems that are used to operating independently. Instead of having a security guard at the door, we use keycards. Instead of turing of the lights at night when we leave a building, we program them to turn off.

This sharing of information allows the building to work as a cohesive unit, rather than a series of independent features. Smart buildings also look beyond their physical limitations - they are connected and responsive to the power grid, and they interact with occupants and operators to give them greater autonomy.

So be prepared for buildings that proved you with an endless amount of information, help your company grow faster and in general are just more awesome.

What am i excited to research and build: ?

Every community need a digital personality. 

{Every company a unique digital voice - a digital personality }

{its not good enough to build ‘connected’ solutions, we must strive farther to make these more ‘human’}

Every interaction should be considered for its context, point, & possibility. 

{every interaction for it’s experience, its capacity to solve problems, support decisions, predictive outcomes & scenarios, and prescriptive in solution/risk reduction/value optimization