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Apr 1, 2023


/ finding purpose \

It was as a child that i noticed the limitation of the systems that support us. I felt like future me was looking back at the tools and techniques that were leading edge at that time with judgment and contempt. 

It was for good reason; even today our tools are already outdated. We as humans must interact with our technology to summon it's power, we must combine them together to get the results we want, we must apply them in the areas we need them for these technologies to be useful.

This did, and does, seem stupid to me.  We should be working towards a reality that enables us to perform at our best, environments which respond to our needs, and actively meet them. A World where technology assists us, by looking out for us, and our interests. 

This is an ambient world, and this is the world i help build. 

Some ways i do this:

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// intelligence around us \\

Adrian realized early, that the future of the internet is the world around you. From a understanding of the connection between the physical and digital worlds, I spent my entire career exploring this - everything around you now, was made, is owned, and can be part of Intelligent Environments, Intelligent Cities and aid to empower the citizens in them. 

By founding multiple companies focused on these areas, i've progressed towards my ultiamte goal:  a real-time ambient intelligence engine.

Based on my Magnum Opus, Articulated Spatial Relativity™ (ASR), I am to drive pattern recognition, event prediction and user decision support through pervasive digital connectivity.

As is designed, ASR is a complete theorem enabling physical-digital interaction and intents to be understood by both human and machine. From network level OS, one integrates inputs from local instances on component nodes and apps to increase the overall level of system intelligence.

Apps provides the touchpoint between digital/physical worlds, facilitating permissions based access to interaction points and profiles; hidden, private, or public.

I aim to bring intelligent environments to life by designing combinations which enable the enforcement of rules decided by the use, forming an engine and populating these environments enables ambient intelligence.

I research, design & build micro computer that can be embedded into interactions between people places and objects. The data generated is typically high quality, relative and sensor heavy; all of which drives the experience within AI driven physical internet.

Now that we know who everyone is; where they are, what they are - lets do things. When intelligent objects interact, they MUST come to agreements on a number of factors, usually instantly, and these agreements in blockchain enabled environments take the form of contracts. Verified identity through AI-IOT networks is only the start for blockchains. For example; when we use profile driven interactions based on machine learning preference, blockchains can be the transaction layer for human verified, or human independant transactions. Image, the near-future where the objects and places within our physical-digital world are not only intelligent, aware, but able to harness this into actions. Actions make it cool. Actions make it possible. Actions are the blockchain, and the coolest companies will have the coolest blockchains. 

I don't restrict use cases, i instead enable them. No ideas is without merit, and each could be a leading product of the future.

We don't know where the best cases will be, so collectively I aim to participate in projects that enable a horizontal value that our partners can develop into profitable vertical solutions. I offer in object pro-life, preference, decision support, production, prescription engines.  


/// combinations through focus \\\

Ambient Intelligence is the combination of intelligent technologies; towards a simple interaction goal: environments that don't require your interaction, and that act in your best interest. We should be moving towards a seamless & personal, continuously available digital experience in the physical world - preferably one that aims to find hte best result for those involved - and makes that happen. 

I strongly believe that by helping people interact intuitively in intelligent environments, we can decrease the reliance on technology, our human nature to focus on tools, and get back to things we are good: innovation. By increasing efficiency and reducing worries significantly humans are able to concentrate on progress rather than maintenance.

My vision for the long-term outlook of our businesses is to become market leader in ambient intelligence: connecting people to other people, places and objects in the physical world. 

I focus on building the physical internet – physical digital enviroements - and explaining how it works by explaining how to create a responsive, interactive environment in a non-responsive/physical world.

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