Work Terms

Service Delivery Process

Apr 1, 2023

Work Terms : Typical Service Delivery



Service 1: Strategy Sounding Board

We can help you refine your ideas through conversation and feedback. I’m pretty good at absorbing and distilling the essence of data, and we can explain things using crazy-but-perfect analogies. hourly rate you’ll get high-quality feedback on your ideas and a detailed Document summarizing what I think your idea is about and what your options are. 

I’ll give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied. Great for:

  • Dealing with RFPs or writing grants.

  • Acquiring better wording for expressing your ideas in writing.

  • Learning how people might respond to your ideas, and why.


Service 2: Custom Process Diagrams and Productivity Forms

You know how I make company process & structures? I can do the same thing for you. You’ll have to spend some time explaining to us what you’re doing and talking to the team via Skype or web presence, and we’ll apply my process to create a usable diagram or form in whatever media makes the most sense. 

Expect to budget at least at least a few hours of your time to talk to me. Great for:

  • Impressing your clients with your informational collateral.

  • Clarifying critical procedures to reduce costly mistakes.

  • Supporting a habit changing initiative in a busy environment.

  • Making abstract ideas more visible.


Service 3: Concept Development

We are excellent facilitators in the early stages of your design process, and am very experienced with interactive media, computer programming, graphic design, and social media.

Not only do we know what all that stuff is, we also have the ability to create them as well. Our team’s multi-disciplinary backgrounds ensures you’ll get some interesting ideas right off the bat, and you’ll get our combined expert opinion in how you should proceed in your planning. Billed at the hourly rate, or as a package price. Great for:

  • Educational institutes creating new media programs.

  • Distance learning applications.

  • Companies creating tools for prospective clients.

  • Anyone who could use some help defining an interactive experience.


Service 4: Ideation Guidance

I’ve been professionally ideating since 2004, and i’ve been creating stuff on the Internet since 1994. If you’re wondering how to get started, i can walk you through everything you need to start and encourage you to keep working at it. You’ll get access to all my knowledge, systems and resources. I also have a library of pre-written guidance and material that explains how it all works.

I’ll be happy to add to it based on your questions. Billed weekly, or per session, at the hourly rate. Space is limited to 2 clients per week to ensure quality.


Service 5:  Intellectual Property 

If you’ve seen my collection of patents and like what you see, I’ll customize, print, produce and ship a wholly novel concept to your company. Licenses are available for various types of use, including standard internal corporate use, up-to full rights and ownership transference. 


Service 6: Proof of Concepts

My vision design process starts off with research. Benchmarking and investigating the market, user needs, and business goals. The result helps me to create user stories and customer journeys and get an understanding of the user. I use natural design techniques throughout my process to reveal the true value of the product and potential of its future. 

Some examples of POC’s: LEAN Data redundant Data software protocols, algorithms, collect, organize, analyze, architect into disparate sources fo data - Ai developing combination, use case training and deep learning data sets. 

Great for:

  • Spatial Ai Development - Ai service enabled GPS technology for wearables, embeddable connected car  or connected objects within a micro location showcasing micro routing. PCB Circuit design - general layout, component selection, prototyping guidance while acting as team lead through delivery guidance.

  • Spatial & Ambient Data -  research, designs, developments, we use language commands or even sensor automation. All,

  • MicroApps - billion of small interconnected devices, we add intelligence and develop micro apps to showcase functions features and/or prove

  • and much more are possible.


Service 7: Innovation Implementation

Product and service design starts at the core proposition: I take on a limited number of projects. This quality control means I can give each one exactly what it needs –­ focus and time. Customer satisfaction is my first priority, and I always go the extra mile. If you think I can help you grow your business, let me know. Please include some detailed information - at least, what your company does, and what you're looking to accomplish.

Great for:

•  Clean, Engaging Ai Product Design

Ambient User Interface Design (UI)

Ambient User Experience Design (UX)


Service 8: Vision Representation 

Experienced and creative product design with a gift for presentation message and content. Specialized in creating engaging graphic storytelling of what the benefit of the product is, the strategy behind the product, and how this will create revenues and how this fall within the larger company direction. I typically will create new products & services, review existing products; create adjustments; comment and work on strategy and product or positioning white papers, documentation or commentary on a number of topics; Product Design (Smart IOT products), AI Architecture, and Ambient (IOT+AI) Vision. 

Great for:

  • Creation of Product Presentations, Documents, Visuals, Decks, Videos, Marcom

  • Product: Innovation Design, Feature \ Function, Vision Creation

  • Building: Funding/Investment Documents, decks and presentations 

  • Designing: out Innovation Applications, programs and design

  • Expertise: in Research Papers that Connect, Convey & Summarize