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Working With Adrian

Apr 1, 2023

Work Terms : Working With Adrian 


Working With Adrian


Working with Adrian is simple: 

just sendmesomething that looks something like this:

“Hey Adrian, I’m thinking of doing [action] and it involves [challenges]. 

Do you have any insight or thoughts on this matter?”

I’ll tell you right away what my initial thoughts are for no charge.


What's Typical

Typical projects are started by innovative companies and people looking to combine design & technologies; from Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Block chain. Typical companies are innovation focused corporates, fast-paced & disruptive businesses, and startup & funded SME's with a desire to benefit from an experienced perspective on how to create winning products and services - let me be that perspective.


What i'm offering for 2013-2024 is the following Combinations of services.

Adrian is currently in Asia, taking a hands-on approach to developing the next generation of Metaverse Engineering, Ambient Assisted HealthCare, Ambient Commerce, and Spatial Web projects.

Adrian is very focused on crafting a range of products designed to work together, designed for features, and designed to meet the promise of a more connected work to reality.

philosophy and vision
With a philosophy and vision strongly believe that by helping people interact intuitively in smart environments, we increase efficiency and reduce worries significantly.

The vision for the long-term outlook of our business is to become market leader in ambient intelligence: connecting people to other people, places and objects in the physical world.

With a recent focus on building the physical internet – and explaining how it works by explaining how to create a responsive, interactive environment in a non-responsive/physical world. Adrian's current focus is on three areas:

I focus on four areas:

- Applied Ai - Spatial Data - Ambient Intelligence - Ambient Assisted Living -

Applied Ai

To understand the potential of our industry, we have to understand the basis; the physical world around us is quickly progressing to being always connected to the internet. Quantifying this basis can best be done by looking at the IoT market in number of connections. By 2028 an expected 8-12 billion ‘things’ will be connected to the internet (Source: Gartner), driving the basis for AMI’s business potential. In our concept ‘things’ are categorized as People, Places or Objects, which means; there is a huge potential to extract value from this large number of ‘things’ that will be connected.. 

Spatial Data

Through experience in design micro computers, that can be embedded into any interaction between people places and objects, the data generated is high quality, relative and sensor heavy; all of which enables ai driven physical internet. Verified identity through blockchain, and profile driven interactions based on machine learning preference. We don’t restrict the use cases, we offer in object pro-life, preference, decision support, production, prescription engines. 

Ambient Intelligence

THi si shte true next internet. To create intelligent environments around you, we make them react and interact, creating a seamless link from the physical to digital worlds. The  system is built on AI-IOT physical technology layer, creating an indexed, articulated relationship and interaction engine, also called an intelligent system to enable people, places and objects to connect to the world around them. The technology behind what we do is called Ambient Intelligence (AmI). In this electronic environment enabled by AmI, objects have an internet identity and generate actionable data. The system of intelligent nodes, gateways, the cloud and software, provides automatic decision support, prescription and prediction.


As a futurist i believe:
“With Visionary Ambient Design Experiences we can rethink the physical internet and how we will interface with it”


Typical Industry & Customers 

Typical projects combine technologies from Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Blockchain. Typical companies are innovation focused corporates, fast-paced & disruptive businesses and government/cities all of which aim to benefit from an intelligent environment where every object, situation or relationship generates data, affecting the bottom line while improving productivity.

I provide the following services to clients:

  • Vision – storytelling, video ideation design, programming, user interface, production management, prototyping, etc. We’ve created numerous inter-actives for companies.

  • Architecture Strategy - If your company needs about how to approach interactive development, you can hire me to guide you through the process. However, I no longer offer full-service interactive development unless the conditions are just right.

  • Product Design – I offer product building services to IPR projects in the early stage of development.